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Phezer® Digital Speedometer

Phezer® Digital Speedometer

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Clear and Accurate

Digital speedometers usually have large numbers that are easy to see even in bright sunshine or at night. They are not dependent on viewing angle like analog speedometers and provide more accurate speed readings.

Modern Look

Digital speedometers look modern and stylish. They add a new look to your car and can be part of an updated interior.

Easy to read

You can use digital speedometers in poor visibility conditions (fog, rain, snow), the digital speedometer remains easy to read, increasing driving safety.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
London Greenholt

All right, very bright numbers even on a sunny day. It would be nice to adjust the brightness at night. Speed shows 30 seconds after starting the engine and indicates very accurately

Alf Kohler

It's so good.

Wilmer Anderson

That's neat.
We recommend price-cost non-product.

Theo Runolfsson

Easy to install, GPS is also good, the speed varies by 2-3, and the delivery time is scheduled

Walton Blanda

Phezer® Digital Speedometer